Positive Behaviour Support

For children, adolescents and adults requiring disability or mental health support

Our Positive Behaviour Support service empowers people with disability, mental health concerns or trauma background to improve relationships and their quality of life.

We take an evidence-based approach, using proactive strategies to teach new skills to effectively manage challenging behaviours . Our behaviour support practitioners specialise in working with people with a broad range of challenging or difficult behaviours, and our service is tailored to each individuals needs.

All behaviours happen for a reason. Our role is to understand, not judge the behaviour. It is the reason behind unwanted behaviour that is our primary focus. We achieve this by undertaking a functional behavioural assessment, which in essence is about untangling the why of the behaviour.

Understanding is crucial when developing effective behaviour change strategies. We know that desired behaviours must be taught and not expected to occur without intervention. 

We take a best practice approach, and our Services include:

  • Functional Behaviour Assessments
  • Development of positive behaviour support plans (including plans to minimise the use of Restrictive Practices)
  • Training for parents, families and carers
  • Compatibility Assessments for those wanting to move into shared accommodation

If you would like to know how we can support you and the important people in your life, please contact us.